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Our Services

We Almuid foundation Trust Providing following Services.

(a) Selecting 150 most deserving students for scholarship annually providing all their scholastic requirements and guidance up to University levels with the determination of raising them to professional heights to be an asset for Sri Lanka.
(b) Maintenance of Children Neurology ward No. 12 of the National Hospital, offering donations for surgical Treatments, presenting wheel chairs for the disabled and supporting in various ways.
(c) Providing donations for weddings of less fortunate spinsters.
(d) Offering Donations for Religious Organizations, Daham - Schools etc.
(e) Constructing houses for the desolate as charity, and also wish to render a better service in future, consonant with the growth of funds.

Workshops and Seminars

The delight of the parents has encouraged us to continuously provide free revision books with question and answers for the children of Grade 5 who are sitting for the competitive scholarship examination every year. Further, organizing workshops for the ordinary level students with the help of qualified teachers is yet another service we provide.

Medical care and Health Services

For more than a decade we have placed importance in providing medical care services. Since the low income families cannot afford the Syringes and medicines for Kidney and cancer patients as the prices are very high in the market. A large number of patients have been benefited by the medication provided for free of charge according to doctor's PrescriptionS. We have given the priority for the children for this activity. In the same manner we would like you to note that we have also provided nourishment to children in the form of distributing milk powder, food and Vitamins.

Distribution of Spectacles

Every year we organize an annual eye clinic irrespective of their age and test their eyes and distribute spectacles.

Blood Donation Campaign

We have organized blood donation campaigns for our soldiers who are injured in the battle front and to other patients who are in need.

Medical Camp

The annual medical camp is yet another service that has benefited many families from the low income group. Under this program, we bring down specialist doctors for treating patients of various illnesses.

Maintenance of Hospital Wards

The Akram Trust has been undertaking the maintenance of Ward No: 12(Children's Neuro section) of the General Hospital for the last 8 years. The Akram Trust has provided the medicines that are not available from outside thereby providing yet another service to the society.

Women's Empowerment

For the well being of women, we started the Women's Empowerment Trust we provide interest free loans in order to find self employment opportunities for the dynamic women and thereby improving their quality of life is one of our main services we provide. We are glad to say that the above mentioned assistance has improved the lives of many women has been a great success to us. Under the self employment project we provide services such as sewing, dress making, Bridal dressing and beauty culture courses have been conducted. As the above services has empowered our women had provided them with lucrative opportunities this has strengthened us to continue this work. In addition, we have also provided them with counseling services in order to help them to face the various day to day issues in their lives.

Youth Power

The youth population is the Vein of the Nation It is the aim of the Akram Trust to provide opportunities for our youth to enhance their skills and talents and bring out well disciplined, healthy and mentally well balanced youth so that they will be able to meet the various challenges and endow them to pursue a suitable career